Our hands play an important role in our lives.

We communicate
with our hands.

We explore with
our hands.

We care with
our hands.

We improve our health
with our hands. Preventive,
using a fingerstick.


Labonovum develops products for consumers, healthcare professionals (patients) and businesses. PostYourLab is a brand name of Labonovum, specifically developed for the consumer market.
With more than 20,000 satisfied customers, PostYourLab now is the largest and leading provider of online lab diagnostics, using fingerstick tests, in the Netherlands. The European roll-out is planned.

PostYourLab offers consumers an at-home blood collection method using a simple fingerstick, comprising a test that can be done at home instead of having to go to a blood lab. No need to visit the GP or the hospital. The unique additive solution preserves the blood sample for 5 days, so that it can be sent by post to our laboratory. See postyourlab.nl for more information and options.

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After the sample is received at our laboratory, we will send you the results the same day.
You will receive a notification, which allows you to view and download the results in the PostYourLab app.
You will also find an explanation of the results. For additional personal lifestyle advice, you can schedule an eConsult.

The PostYourLab app gives you mobile access to all functionalities:
It allows you to order a health test, watch our how-to video to collect a sample , download your lab results and recommendations or book an e-consult with our lifestyle coach.

Unique: we have our own laboratory

Labonovum has developed ground breaking health technology which is unique in the world and only available from us. Having our own laboratory and scientific team, and also being the medical manufacturer of the various blood collection tubes and devices we use, allows us to provide unique preventative health solutions. Our leadership team consists of medical specialists.

Labonovum has its own laboratory located in the Amsterdam area. The laboratory is headed by a clinical chemist. Our analysts all have a level 4 or higher degrees in clinical chemistry or medical microbiology.

Labonovum is ISO 15189:2022 and ISO 13485 certified.

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