About Labonovum

Your future health is in your hands. Our innovations in preventative health contribute to innovation in healthcare. Labonovum develops innovative technology to detect, predict and help prevent health risks and lifestyle diseases at an early stage.

Our main focus is on lifestyle diseases, which are preventable and pose a risk to our health. We provide unique and personalised insights, motivation and options with regard to nutrition, diet, exercise, wellness, sleep or stress. Through sustainable lifestyle improvements, we can live as healthy, vital and long as possible, while alleviating the burden on the healthcare system.

Our team of medical specialists and data scientists work closely together on the prevention of health risks and lifestyle diseases. We combine nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and hereditary predisposition to develop a personalised health and lifestyle plan, by using innovative lab diagnostics and algorithms. Through machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have developed predictive capabilities regarding health risks.

Preventative health based on AI

Currently, wearables can already measure movement, sleep, heart rate, body temperature or vitamin D levels. Labonovum’s solutions can offer even more: by connecting lab diagnostics with scientific data on multiple real health and disease outcomes, we can predict future health on a personal level.

This is the next generation in preventative health solutions. Based on these insights, Labonovum can predict the development of health risks at an early stage and help you take early preventative action.

Personalised approach

The personalised health and lifestyle plan provides you with practical advice and concrete actions. The plan is explained during an eConsult by a team of doctors and lifestyle experts. We offer personal support and guidance.

We help you gain back control over your own health, based on correct and reliable information and, above all, give you motivation to achieve sustainable long-term lifestyle improvements. All this with the aim of living as healthy, vital and long as possible.


Unique solutions

With the Hem-Col blood collection tube, 18 blood tests (biomarkers) can be carried out using only about 6 large drops of fingerstick blood;

The Hem-Col tube contains a unique solution that keeps the blood cells alive for five days. This enables consumers to collect a blood sample at home, after which they have five days to send it to our own lab;

The Hem-Col tube is the only blood collection tube in the world that has been validated and approved for shipment by air mail. This offers advantages when rolling out our services and solutions internationally.

The Ser-Col blood collection device enables large population studies in countries with limited or no laboratory infrastructure. In infection serology, it has been scientifically demonstrated that a blood sample can be retained for up to a year using a Ser-Col blood collection device.

Scientists indicate that, in practice, Labonovum’s DNA collection system offers the highest yield of DNA from a saliva sample compared to all other alternatives available worldwide.


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