Measure your health with
a simple fingerstick.
At home, at a time when
it is convenient for you.

How it works

Step 1: Order your test

At, part of Labonovum, you can choose from a large number of test packages. The blood, saliva, DNA and urine tests provide insight into the most vital aspects of your health.

  • Do you want personal advice? Then use the PostYourLab preventive test recommendation.
  • Ordered before 4 p.m., sent the same day as a letterbox package.
  • Create your PostYourLab account.
  • Here you will find an overview of the preventive health tests available at PostYourLab.

Step 2: Collect sample

Step by step online instructions for collecting a blood, saliva, DNA or urine sample.

  • Easy to do at home, at your convenience.
  • Blood sample with a fingerstick.
  • Only about 6 large drops of blood needed.
  • Online questionnaire for additional insights.

Step 3: Send

Send your sample free of charge to our laboratory via PostNL.

  • Free shipping; enclosed return envelope to sent the tube to the lab as medical post.
  • Unique storage liquid keeps your blood sample stable and therefore reliable for analysis.

Step 4: Analysis

We use state-of-the-art machines to analyse your sample.

  • Upon arrival, your sample is checked for temperature, volume and transit time.
  • Analysis in our own ISO 15189:2022 & ISO 13485 certified laboratory.
  • The laboratory is set up and run by a team of medical specialists.
  • All results are reviewed by our clinical chemist.

Step 5: Results available online

Quick test results, after receiving the sample at the lab, usually the same day.

  • You will receive a notification when your results are available by using the PostYourLab app.
  • View your results in your own secure online environment and download the pdf.
  • Interactive dashboard, compare your results with previous measurements.
  • Easy to share results with a healthcare professional.
  • Additional advice about your health and lifestyle possible from our medical team.

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